1Founded on 2 June 2015, American University of Moldova can be found on the historic Stefan cel Mare Boulevard in Chisinau. Its state of the art building facilities and with its top-notch academic staff, AUM is commencing its education program with 2015/2016.

Academic Year. Unlike other higher education institutions in Moldova, AUM’s language of program instruction is in English. At AUM we believe that today’s global information economy the only way to wholly engage with the international community and cutting-edge research is by acquiring English language skills to effectively communicate with the international community. At AUM, all of your courses will be held in English (except for the Continental Law program, which is taught in Romanian). Our English Foundation School has ties with the TEDQUALS Accredited Foundation School at the Girne American University, and through academic exchanges, you will have the opportunity to learn English from superior instructors, who regularly attend training programs.

American University of Moldova is a member of various international associations. Among these memberships is the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), which helps accredited institutions satisfy the requirements of the Bologna Process.

Through its affiliation programs with the Girne American University, and its consortium of international campuses, AUM students are eligible to pursue study abroad opportunities in Kyrenia (North Cyprus), Canterbury (UK), Istanbul (Turkey), Hong Kong, and in Virginia (USA). AUM is continuously working on building its bilateral agreements with universities worldwide to build on student exchange programs and additional resources. One of such agreements is with the USPEE – Constantin Stere University in Moldova, which is one of the best social science universities in Moldova. We also offer dual-degree programs with some of our affiliates on certain programs. You can check the list of our affiliations, accreditations, memberships and dual-degree offers on our website.