Foundation Language School

Program Overview
The American University of Moldova is an English medium university and Foundation English School (FES) is a unit within the academic structure of the American University of Moldova. The main aim of AUM is to provide English language courses to newly admitted students who are not at the required English language proficiency levels to start Faculty degree courses.

The program which is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language has three levels of instruction as A1, A2, B1. The FES language program is designed to help FES students to achieve B1 proficiency in the English language which is defined as the minimum English language competency within one academic year. At the end of the Foundation English language program, the students who successfully complete Level B1 are allowed to take the English Proficiency Exam and the successful students progress to faculty.
The AUM Foundation English School aims to ensure that all students in AUM have adequate English for their academic needs. Proficiency in English will assist students not only in their academic work at GAU but also in their chosen professions.  We work under the Common European Framework as a Reference for languages (CEF).   The Foundation English School provides intensive courses in English for all students whose English does not meet faculty requirements.    Our program is designed to help the students learn, practice, and improve their general English in class, online, and outside the class.  In preparation for Faculty, the academic English program EAP is designed to help students learn how to write essays, take notes during lectures or seminars, participate in debates, give presentations, and learn general studying skills.
The Mission of the FES is to provide intensive English language courses which are delivered by qualified teachers using an internationally oriented curriculum, aligned to Common European Framework as a Reference of Languages to FES students so as to enhance English language knowledge and skills and facilitate the students’ academic progress.
As an American University of Moldova, exemption from Foundation English School courses, Foundation Year students must pass the highest level of English offered at Foundation English School, currently B1, in order to be able to proceed to Faculty. Students with a TOEFL score of 500 and above or those who pass our proficiency examination (with a score of 60) will be exempted from studying in our program and will be eligible to enroll in undergraduate programs.
UNDERGRADUATE 500 173 60 5.0 B C C
Educational Aims
  • Our principal aim is to bring students’ knowledge of English to a level, which will enable them to excel in their chosen faculty and to interact within an international setting.
  • It is our goal to prepare our students to succeed in the global environment.
  • We aim to promote the benefits of bilingualism and multi-culturalism in language learning. 
Course objectives
  • To monitor and evaluate established and new approaches in the classroom. 
  • To get students actively involved in their learning by using self-assessment.
  • To increase student investment in the learning processes both in and out of the classroom.
  • To design course content and ensure that course delivery caters to all learning styles.
  • To keep the level of the language being taught relevant to the student’s level and needs.
FES values
  • Core values
  • Learner-centered pedagogy
  • Commitment among FES staff
  • Code of ethics: Professional integrity