Program Overview

The main purpose of the Marketing Department at AUM is to provide crucial knowledge and opportunities to the students in order to express themselves in rapidly changing innovative and competitive business world. Our curriculum is designed for developing our student’s conceptual and analytical thinking, creative and communicative abilities which comply with contemporary market and industry demands.

Marketing is one of the most significant business functions which focuses on the needs and wants of the organization’s key stakeholders and target audiences. In other words, building a profitable and ethical bridge among all these parts is under the responsibility of marketing function. With this comprehension, the Marketing Department at AUM is formed the content of the courses according to for both understanding consumers and organizational buying patterns and developing long-run successful marketing strategies that follow the latest managerial and technological trends in the world.  It is also aimed at building strong collaboration with both local business community and multinational companies for global experiential learning and shared high level of academic studies.

During the four year programme, students also acquire practical experience in the application of these concepts and methods with the support of departmental advisors.

Future Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for careers in business and management and can use their acquired knowledge and skills in a wide range of businesses that are involved in all functions of businesses including marketing, human resources, accounting, sales, operations, finance, and management consulting.


Fees Fall – Spring 2021-2022

Moldavian Students

 20.000 lei (+20% VAT)

International Students

 2000 Euro (+20% VAT)

Application Fee fo Moldavian Students

2000 lei

Application Fee fo International Students

250 euro


Length – 3 years of study

Registration Requirements

  •  Completed University Application Form (both in Romanian and English)

  •  A copy of the photo page of your International Passport or the Identity Card

  •  Completed Dormitory Application Form (if you intend to stay in the University accommodation)

  •  High School Diploma or equivalent recognized qualifications (in original or legalized version)
  • 4 photos 3/4