Admission Requirements for  American University of Moldova

     International students in Moldova are expected to commence their studies during the month of September, applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the university no later than the first day of September each year.

Undergraduate Degree Applicants:

– Completed and signed the American University of Moldova Undergraduate application form and Rules and Regulations form;

– Certified copy of the International Passport data page of Identity Card;

– High School graduation certificate (see index);

– English translations of all academic documents submitted, if applicable. Translations should be attested by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the applicant’s home country;

– Medical Health Report showing that the student is fit to study in Moldova;

Accepted High School Graduation Certificates:

I. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP):

  • The International Baccalaureate / DP Programme passed with an overall score of 24 or more

  • The French Baccalaureat: An overall score of 50% or above is required

II. Applicants who have taken the GCSE or IGCSE examinations must have achieved one of the following combinations:

  • 3 A-Levels and 1 O Level IGCSE

  • 2 A-Levels and 3 O Levels IGCSE

  • 1 A-Level and 6 O Levels IGCSE

  • 8 O Levels IGCSE

III. Applicants who have taken WAEC or NECO examinations should have achieved a minimum of 5 passes with grades A1 to C6 in specific subjects according to their applied faculty:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Fine Arts: English; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry and any other subject

  • Faculty of Business and Economics: English; Mathematics; Business (including Commerce, Government, and Agriculture); Economics and any other subject

  • Faculty of Communication or Vocational: English; Mathematics (any result accepted) and any other three subjects

  • Faculty of Law: English and any other four subjects including either government or legal studies (Mathematics is not compulsory)

IV. Applicants who have completed their high school education from a Post-Soviet state must have graduated from their Grade 12 Attestat examination, and all subjects taken must have been passed with a grade between 3 and 5.

V. Applicants who have taken the Tawjihi examination in Jordan must have achieved the following overall scores:

  • Engineering and Architecture: Tawjihi Scientific Stream with an overall score of 70% or above

  • All other departments: Tawjihi Scientific, Literary, Agriculture or WorkStream with an overall score of 60% or above

VI. Applicants from Arabic speaking (Middle Eastern) countries; Iraq; Syria; Libya; Egypt; Yemen; UAE; Algeria; Morocco; must have passed their Grade 12 high school education with an overall grade of 60% or above.

VII. Applicants from the Kurdistani region of Iraq must have passed their Secondary Certificate  examination with an overall score of 60% or above.

VIII. Applicants from India and Pakistan must submit both their part 1 (Grade 10) and part 2 (Grade 12 Intermediary / Higher Secondary) certificates. The applicant must have passed their Grade 12 examinations with an overall score of 50% or above.

    Please note: Applicants who have graduated from a high school education system not mentioned above must have successfully completed their high school education with an overall grade accepted by the Ministry of Education in the home country of the applicant for admission to undergraduate studies abroad.

      Transfer Applicants:

     Students applying to transfer to Moldova American University from another university must also provide the International Admissions Office with a copy of their up-to-date transcript from their previous/current university, along with a guideline of the university’s grading system.


   IELTS and TOEFL qualifications obtained with the following minimum achieved scores are accepted as evidence of proficiency in the English language:

GRADUATE 6.0 550 80
POST GRADUATE 6.0 550 80


 Please Note: The IELTS or TOEFL qualification should have been obtained no more than 2 years prior to the date of on-campus registration and the original version of the certificate will need to be submitted to the Admissions Team. Not meeting these requirements will invalidate the acceptability of the qualification.


     The applicant should submit the above-mentioned documents to the university.

      If the applicant is accepted to study their applied degree program at the university, a Provisional Acceptance letter will be issued to the applicant confirming their eligibility to study and advising of the non-refundable amount payable to the university to secure the placement.

     Payments should be made to the university bank account details provided in the Provisional Acceptance letter, and a receipt of the transaction should be sent to the International Admissions Office as soon as the payment is made.

      Once the payment is confirmed as received by the university’s account department, the official Acceptance letter will be issued to the student, confirming the secured placement and the final amount of money received by the student. As soon as the student receives their official Acceptance letter, they should contact their nearest Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in their home country to book a visa appointment, if applicable.

   The International Admissions office will provide the student with an Airport Pick Up form which should be completed and returned along with a copy of the student’s flight ticket as soon as the flight ticket is purchased.

     The International Admissions Office will also provide the student with the Dormitory Application form, which the student is required to complete and return as soon as possible along with evidence of any required non-refundable dormitory deposit fee.

   The student is required to complete his/her on-campus registration during the dates mentioned in his/her acceptance letter. Late registration is subject to the discretion of the university.