Tuition and Fees

International Students 2000 Euro
Application Fee (international students) 250 Euro
Guarantee fee*  1000 Euro
Moldovian Students  1000 Euro
Accommodation fee 140 Euro

To date, the proposed cost of tuition per academic year for any of the undergraduate programs being offered by the American University of Moldova for students who hold Moldovan citizenship is 1,000 Euro, and international students will be expected to pay 2,000 Euro. The Application Fee is currently proposed as 100 Euro for Moldovan Students and 250 Euro for International Students. 

Admission Procedures

Students are to fill the application forms and send them back to our university in order to apply for the bachelor’s or master’s degree program. We acknowledge the receipt of students’ application with a PRE-ACCEPTANCE LETTER addressed to the applicant with bank details of our university for the payment of the 250 euro application non-refundable processing fees.

After the clearance of the student and a confirmatory document is issued by the Ministry of education, culture, and research of the Republic of Moldova on the student name, our university can now approve and send an admission ACCEPTANCE LETTER with the bank details of our university to the applicant for the payment of the sum of 2000 euro refundable one-year academic tuition fees. It is refunded in case of rejection or refusal of student visa application by Moldova immigration service, excluding the bank transfer fees, which are covered by the student. This tuition fees deposit is a guarantee for us to be rest assured that the student is willing and ready to continue his or her study at our university and not to decline after completing the immigration process which is usually very cumbersome for students from Africa and Asia, as this these two continents are considered to be of high migration risk to Europe.

The guarantee fee of 1000 Euro payable before students departure from country of origin. This guarantee fee is applied to students from Asia and Africa. This fee is refundable upon successful completion of studies or to be used for the procurement of student flight ticket back to their home country in case, if a crime is committed by the student and the Moldova immigration service deemed it mandatory for the student to be returned back to his/her country of origin.

The accommodation fee is 140 EURO per month (x12 months in a year). Students are obliged to pay accommodation fees before departure from the country of origin or upon arrival in the Republic of Moldova. However, two students can agree to live together in one room, in this case, each student is to pay the sum of 70 euro per month (x12 months in a year). Our hostel provides free none – stop WIFI internet services to students, we also have washing machine at the students disposal.

For details please contact hostel director: Mr. Ugbo Johnbull. Phone number: +373 60 53 90 91 (What’s App, IMO)

International Students are advised to send their applications to our representative on international students matters, except students from Romania and CSI:


Name: Mr. Ugbo Johnbull

Nigeria contact: +234 70 56 39 74 25

Moldova contact: +373 60 53 90 91



IMO: +373 60 53 90 91

What’s App: +373 60 53 90 91